Let us take your venue and make it yours for the night. We can provide everything from the pipe and drape to the dance floor lighting. Completely wash your venues walls in soft whites or maybe even add a pattern to make an accent wall.

Ceiling Draping & Lighting

We can drape your ceiling to make it more intimate and warmer with either lighting inside the fabric itself or with pin spots shining onto the fabric to give it a pop of color!

Pipe and Drape with Lighting

We have Pipe and Drape which is adjustable from 7ft to 12ft and you can choose from white/black/ivory/gold fabric. Adding lighting in or behind the pipe and drape can give your room that elegant or fun pop of color!

Indoor Edison Lighting

We can add lighting inside your venue without having to pound nails or hooks into the walls or ceiling which would get pretty costly. We use our pope and drape frames as poles and bases to mount lighting and decor off of to make the entire venue yours.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe and Drape comes in sections that is extendable from 7ft wide and tall to 12ft wide and tall! So we can make it fit any space you could want draped! We also carry extra tall sections that go all the way to 16ft!