Prolyte Staging

Staging has arrived!

2ft tall, 16ft wide, 12ft deep stage for Nourish NC

2ft tall, 16ft wide, 12ft deep stage for Nourish NC

We have purchased a 30ft by 20ft stage from a wonderful company called Prolyte. I can’t say enough about how great it looks, how easy it goes together and how light it is to transport. Its top surface is non slip/anti vibration, its aluminum construction makes it light to transport. It requires NO TOOLS to put it together making the process very speedy and simple.

All of these factors went into us choosing to pick this product for our future staging needs. We plan on expanding our staging capabilities in 2019 to included a covered stage roof that looks very sharp and distinct for our clients to take their events to the next level. As well as include some extra additions to the stage for making accessibility ramps, tiered staging, moveable risers on casters and more! This is just the beginning for our partnership with Prolyte!

40ft long by 6ft wide runway for fashion show

40ft long by 6ft wide runway for fashion show



Powered by PK Sound

 PK Sound added to our inventory


We recently took delivery of our first stack of PK Subwoofers with more on the way. As the year goes on we will be expanding our point source inventory to include PK Loudspeakers as well. These will be implemented on all sorts of projects from EDM shows to community events. Our existing QSC speakers will still be in heavy rotation with corporate and private events. Contact us to stop by our shop to listen to our ever expanding inventory! We would love to have you by!


Fire and Ice Lighting!


Fire and Ice Lighting!

Lighting Up The Weekend

       We Recently got back from lighting up a 3 day long Ice Bar Event in Clayton NY at the Thousand Islands Harbor Hotel. Utilizing our inventory of outdoor fixtures we were able to setup on Thursday morning and leave every fixture out until Sunday. SGM Lighting and Chauvet Professional made up the majority of the equipment lighting up 10 Tons of Ice Brought in by the Ice Farm and carved on site.

On top of the lighting, We also managed the wireless audio feeds sent all over the property with Allen & Heath Qu Series and Sennheiser wireless solutions. On the Back patio QSC K12.2 and KW181's were used with another set of K8.2's delayed for additional area coverage without any phasing issues. 

Since our return to Wilmington, we have already been working on winter 2018 including large lighting and interactive displays! The fun never stops for us as one amazing project working right into the next!



All Of The Lights

Lets Find The Best Lighting For Your Event


As our Inventory grows we have more and more options for all lighting styles for events. Whether it is our handmade to length Edison Lights, or Lasers and Moving Fixtures for proms and concerts. Every event is different and each client has their own needs, we strive to have a solution no matter what we face! With hundreds of events under our belt, it is hard to find something we haven't done yet!

Outdoor Lighting Needs

We have become a regional professional for large outdoor lighting and have customized our inventory to reflect that! We have invested into SGM lighting in 2017 carrying their Q Products which allows us to weather any storm that can be throw at us with ease. You will have seen these lights at Enchanted Airlie Gardens lighting up their 400+ year old Oak Tree. We plan to continue our purchasing of SGM products giving us more and more tools to use that can withstand the unpredictable weather in this area!


We have a lot of great events planned for this Year and we can't wait to show you all of our hard work here at Event Excellence Light & Sound!




WOW 2017, Weddings and Events

In total Event Excellence did 183 Weddings this Year!

With the Year winding down, I thought it would be nice to recap a bit and reflect on the growth we have made as a company!


Edison Lighting

Edison Lighting has been huge again this year with some weekends having thousands of feet go out for rental all over the eastern side of NC. Its warm glow illuminating weddings all night long!



We added hundreds of feet of pipe and drape to our inventory as well as specialty colors of beige, bone, mauve and silver/gold. We starting doing draping because it always looks so nice with lighting, and in this case greenery too! (thanks to blossom bay!)


We also added a wireless ceremony system which completely revolutionized the way we do beach weddings! They are completely wireless with their own power supply and the ability to have 4 microphones in use at one time. With this simplified solution, we can provide the same amazing service as before, but with a much faster setup and take down which saves us time and the client money.

Wireless Up Lighting and Custom Lighting

Due to its popularity, we increased our inventory of wireless lighting which is a huge hit with designers. We also have a larger inventory of spot lights which we used this year to do some beautiful tent lighting as well as custom logos like this one for Cape Fear Country Club!


Wilmington's premier outdoor lighting professional


Lastly, with Airlie Gardens in full swing and our ticket giveaway ending this week, We have added SGM Lighting to our inventory providing us with their Q2 blinder/wash lights. We use to make the amazing 400 Year old Oak look and Airlie lawn look beautiful at night for thousands of guests to enjoy!

If you have an event in 2018 you would like us to do lighting/sound/draping for, please contact us and lets see how we can help!



Ceremony Sound!

I believe every part of a wedding day is important to our clients. That being said, the ceremony is by far my favorite part. As an AV company, a lot rests on our shoulders to make sure the music is correct, everyone can hear the officiant AND musician AND Vows. So we are very demanding of our equipment. We rely on rock solid components and simplification plus redundancy to ensure everything goes smoothly, In the past, that means a generator, power distribution, data to the speakers, microphone receivers and a mixer. It looks a little like the picture below! 

It is a bit of a mess, but every piece is solid and put together, we achieve fantastic results! Well, We are going one step further and upgrading to a new system that is COMPLETELY wireless. What is the drawback? Nothing! We get to use the same amazing Sennheiser microphones which always get compliments on clarity, and we will be using Sennheiser speakers that can run indefinitely on internal battery power and the entire unit can get wrapped in white to blend in! 

We can now handle the ceremony music, microphones, exporting audio to photographers for Crystal clear ceremony sound and of course allowing all of your guests to hear every word! We are geeking out a bit about this because it will make our lives so much easier and make your wedding that much better! Contact us to find out about availability for your special day! 




All About Flexibility

wedding lighting Flexibility 

They may not look pretty in this picture as there is a mess of wires. However, I would rather have this mess now before the event than during the event.

As you can see, it offers a very clean look with no wires for power and can be controlled with its built in wireless network.

I love being able to set up quickly and adapt if needed. I also use wireless pin spots so if the cake table has to move, fine, I will more with it at a moments notice. They also have built in white LED's so there isn't that harsh blue tint with older RGB fixtures.

Lastly, I have a wireless power system which is completely silent and can run everything from ceremony audio on the beach to lighting in a park. It is on wheels and can be moved around as needed!

If someone asks me to do something, I don't ever want to say no to them. I want to say yes of course and proceed as quickly as I can!



What if the power goes out?

having confidence in your product 

Everyone worries about rain on their wedding day. But what if the power goes out? Odds are slim to none that this would ever be an issue but it happened this past weekend.
After reaching out to the electrical company, we were informed it may be a few hours. Luckily the lighting fixtures we had on site (Chauvet Freedom Hex 4) are battery powered and will run for up to 20 hours.

I hurried around the building placing the fixtures in the darkest areas to light them up. This made the restrooms use-able, the kitchens safe to prep in and the design team to keep setting up. Eventually when the power came back on (2 1/2 hours later)  the kitchen wasn't to far behind and the venue looks beautiful.

I purchased this line of fixtures to ensure ease of set up and to remove all wires from cluttering the venue. But having them as a back up emergency light worked quite well! What an added bonus!