having confidence in your product 

Everyone worries about rain on their wedding day. But what if the power goes out? Odds are slim to none that this would ever be an issue but it happened this past weekend.
After reaching out to the electrical company, we were informed it may be a few hours. Luckily the lighting fixtures we had on site (Chauvet Freedom Hex 4) are battery powered and will run for up to 20 hours.

I hurried around the building placing the fixtures in the darkest areas to light them up. This made the restrooms use-able, the kitchens safe to prep in and the design team to keep setting up. Eventually when the power came back on (2 1/2 hours later)  the kitchen wasn't to far behind and the venue looks beautiful.

I purchased this line of fixtures to ensure ease of set up and to remove all wires from cluttering the venue. But having them as a back up emergency light worked quite well! What an added bonus!