Event Lighting Goes a Long Way!

We like to say a beautiful venue can always use some beautiful lighting! Sometimes your venue may not have any lighting (such as a tent!), but we have got you covered whether it is Edison Lights, Up Lighting or Professional Lighting!

Please give us as much time to work with you as possible!

We will do our best to accommodate your event, it is much easier to provide exactly what you would like with at least a Month to plan! We will try to work some magic if that time frame is shortened of course!

With every event being different, and everyone’s dream being unique. We normally meet at your venue to walk thru it with you or look over any inspiration/ideas you may have, Come up with a plan on what we can do/provide, send you the applicable pricing for services, and get you booked and taken care of as quickly as possible so you can focus on different things!


Even after how ever many years this style of lighting has been in use, it is still a crowd favorite! You are able to set your desired color, or just pick the classic soft white! Every Light is dim-able and can provide any soft whites/pastels/vivid color you may desire


If you want people to really enjoy the details, Pin Spots are for your special event! Using them illuminate your flowers, center pieces, or memory tables/dessert tables allows your guest to see whats important all night long!


We carry lots and lots of beautiful draping in our inventory, why not add some lighting to it to take something that was going to be hidden into something that is beautiful and perfect for back drops!


and of course we can forget about Chandeliers! We carry them in 6 Bulb, 8 Bulb, and 12 Bulb configurations!


Edison Lighting

Always a go-to option for outdoor venues, tents, patios and over dance floors! Most venues you work in a lot have a set style of how many feet of lighting are needed, where poles can be placed as well as power requirements, we have got you covered!



With a smaller bulb than our Edison lights, they are packed more closely together, I believe it offers up more elegant/whimsical look but does usually require more feet of lighting to achieve the same brightness!



Your name in lights! We start with a blank sheet of metal and we laser-cut your custom monogram into the finished product, known as a gobo. We then project a high-powered light through the gobo to create the effect.


Of course we can list everything that is possible! So if you have an idea you didn’t see listed above, no worries! Contact us and let us know what you would like for your special event!