wedding lighting Flexibility 

They may not look pretty in this picture as there is a mess of wires. However, I would rather have this mess now before the event than during the event.

As you can see, it offers a very clean look with no wires for power and can be controlled with its built in wireless network.

I love being able to set up quickly and adapt if needed. I also use wireless pin spots so if the cake table has to move, fine, I will more with it at a moments notice. They also have built in white LED's so there isn't that harsh blue tint with older RGB fixtures.

Lastly, I have a wireless power system which is completely silent and can run everything from ceremony audio on the beach to lighting in a park. It is on wheels and can be moved around as needed!

If someone asks me to do something, I don't ever want to say no to them. I want to say yes of course and proceed as quickly as I can!